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Pre-Matrimonial Investigations

You never know your daughter could be getting to married to a creep! Don’t gamble, be sure her hand’s given to the right man.

Post-Matrimonial Investigations

Your wife makes monthly trips to New York. It’s definitely time to find out why.

Spouse Fidelity

You are certain that your partner is not faithful, but cannot prove it. You cannot…. Perhaps we can..

Alimony / Divorce Cases

Thank God for our investigative services! The court shall know exactly what to expect from you in alimony.

Missing Persons

If he’s anywhere in the universe, we’ll find him.


We will get you the master plan used, the kidnapper & your loved one.

Thefts & Burglaries

From spot checks to forensics, there is nothing we do not do to give you your culprit.

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