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Pre-Employment Verifications

Your employees not giving 110%? We’ll find you some who will.
Your competitor just hired the biggest expert in the industry? We’ll get that expert on your team.


Post-Employment Verifications

Don't know the reason for your ongoing financial loss. You’d be glad to know what your employees have been upto behind your back.

Asset Verifications

Do you know the financial position of the one you’re thinking of having a business relationship with? Not sure? Try us and you’d be surprised.

Due Diligence, Credit Worthiness & Competitive Intelligence

Your competitor’s management team makes monthly trips to Las Vegas. Perhaps it’s time you found out why.

Patent, Trademark & Copyright Infringement

Many counterfeit products go undetected because they are so similar to the authentic product that even the manufacturers remain unaware of the problem. We will identify and determine the production source and distribution channel of those products.

Frauds, Cheating & Embezzlements

If your don’t know who did it, we’d tell you. But if you do know who did but don't know how and why and where has the culprit fled, all your questions are about to be answered!

Under-Cover Operations

You need to know something. You don’t know how to get it. Call us. We’ll do the rest.

Industrial Espionage & Counter Espionage

Get in. Get the information. Get out. It’s what we do best.

Risk Analysis

How safe is your information? How safe is your company? We’ll find out for you.

Bank Frauds

We can do a forensic accounting for you. We have investigators who specialize in typical banking-type frauds such as kiting schemes. One of our last investigations ended with criminal charges being brought against a subject that led to his subsequent conviction and sentencing to ten years in jail. Further to this, we have successfully assisted in the recovery of 28 of the 60 crores that the subject had 'kited'.


Covert Operations

Sensitive business meetings? We'll make sure no one knows they are going on.

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