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We are a private detective agency in India for private investigations conducted by experienced detectives and investigators in India and globally for corporate, personal, legal and special detective services. We also have expertise in intelligence, risk analysis, bank fraud investigative services, matrimonial, kidnapping, theft and burglaries investigations and also legal litigation investigations etc in India and abroad.

Falcon Detectives provides services to the legal community, insurance sector, claims adjustors, and the general public. We undertake Private Investigations in India as well and possess the ability to resolve a case with Indian and International efforts, anytime, anywhere! We provide FREE consultation.

Falcon is truly a "Global" private detective agency based in India. No matter where you need help, give us a call first! We maintain association with dozens of qualified private investigators and detectives in India and abroad. Besides carrying out any private investigation in India, we possess the capability to carry out investigations worldwide.

Most people know what Private Detectives can accomplish for divorce issues. We conduct surveillance operations, financial checks and backgrounds on people involved in the situation.

It has been our experience over the years, if a person is suspected of infidelity or hiding money, they usually are.

Our private investigators are capable of performing almost any investigative issue worldwide. This is possible through our vast association with dozens of qualified resources and other private detective agencies.

Our private investigators have spent many years in foreign countries and have a solid understanding of the various database and records systems, along with other issues, which can be very useful to you.

No matter what the issue or where it needs to be explored, let us know. If private detectives can't accomplish it for you directly we will often find someone who can!

Our private detectives perform a complete "profile" through available resources and within the budget of each assignment. Even modest funding can often allow us to develop past criminal histories, marriages, property ownership, civil law suits, and more.

If you have doubts regarding the background of a potential business partner, spouse or significant other, there is often "something" which needs to be explored further. Our detectives stand ready to provide you with advice and actual investigative assistance if necessary. Our detective agency has an experienced team of detectives in India and the world over.

Our private investigators accomplish financial investigations through a combination of special resources and overall review of developed information. These investigators can often develop property ownership, past financial problems, assets, and more. This includes efforts within India and in many foreign countries.

It is usually necessary to have at least some of the basic details of your subject so we can better focus our investigative work. For instance if you feel they have hidden assets it is very useful to know if they travel outside their home state or country, the levels of money they could be hiding, etc.

With financial investigations the more you can tell us the better!

If we can be of service to you, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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